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Vigo Video App – Download, Earn & Transfer money

Vigo Video App - Download, Earn & Transfer money
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If you use the Internet, you must have heard of Vigo Video App. These days Vigo Video app is being used more and the number of active users is also increasing rapidly. In this you will get a lot of videos, in this you will be able to earn money with the help of VigoVideo App, otherwise all of you people will get to earn a lot of money from the internet. In today’s article, I will tell you how to earn money from Vigo Video App download. I will try to tell you complete information about what is VigoVideo App, all of you read this post of mine till the end.

What is Vigo Video App?

Vigo Video App is an application on Google Play Store in which you can watch and create 30 second short videos like Fun, Dance etc. The app has been given a tremendous rating of 4.2 and it also gets very good response. So far more than 10M people have downloaded this application in their smartphones. The best thing about Vigo Video application is that here you can increase your fan following by adding Youtube videos.

Features of Vigo Video

  • Engaging with new people: Enhance curiosity by engaging with people with similar interests and increases your fan base.
  • Create Vigo Video: Show your artistic creativity in 15 seconds using a simple editing tool.
  • Video Special Effects: allows to create new, unique videos with special effects and with various animated stickers.
  • Beauty camera: The beauty camera feature in the Vigo app can soften your skin supernaturally, adjust your skin tone and enhance your video.

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How to create an account on Vigo app?

If you do not know how to create an account in Vigo Video App, then I will tell you how you can create an account in a simple way. Along with creating an account, the steps for uploading videos are also given below.

  • Step 1:- Open Play Store on your smartphone, search for Vigo Video app and install it.
  • Step 2:- Open the app and click on the login option on the right side.
  • Step 3:- You can login in Vigo Video App in 3 ways first with Google Account, second with Facebook, third you can do with Mobile Number, you can choose any one of these.
  • Step 4:- After you have created your account in it, after that you can access and edit your profile.
  • Step 5:- Your account is ready in Vigo Video application, now you can create your video in it.

How to earn money from vigo video app

You must have seen the advertisement of Vigo Video app download on any social media platform, in which you are told to download and earn money. If you want to earn money from it then you can make videos in this VigoVideo App. Try to shoot your video well so that everyone will like your video. The more people like and comment on your video, the more popular your video is. When you start getting fame and your Vigo Video App account gets 1$. You can withdraw 1$ from Paytm, Paypal, you can also transfer money from UPI to your bank account.

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